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Concession Trailer Rentals for parts of  Georgia and Florida

706-554-6100 or 904-697-0507 We have Concession Trailers available for delivery to the following cities and surrounding areas ((Columbia, SC, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, SC, Augusta, GA Savannah, GA, Atlanta, GA the Metro Area and all points in between)) We only rent our units out within 200 miles of our location. Check to see if you are within 200 miles, our zip code is 30830.

This is your chance to RENT a FULLY LOADED mobile kitchen for any outdoor event without the enormous expense of owning a Concession Trailer! Call Now to Rent our 8.5X16 Concession Trailer 

This unit has:

8.5ft Width x 16ft Length Enclosed Trailer

White Aluminum Exterior  

6' Concession Door with Latches

24 Serving Window with Slider and Screen

6ft. White Aluminum Counter Top (Interior Mount)

6ft. Fold-up Counter Top (Exterior Mount)

110-Volt Package with 50-Amp Breaker Panel (2) 4FT. Fluorescent Lights
w/ (1) Wall Switch, (2) Interior Wall Recepts,

4 Additional 110-Volt Interior Wall Recept (2 Gang)

 (2) 40lb LP Tanks with Regulator, Propane Brackets w/ Tank holders installed

White Vinyl Ceiling

White Vinyl Wall

Aluminum Tread Plate Liner

NSF Approved 3 Bay Sink with Faucet, 40 Gal. Fresh Water Tank,
53 gal. Grey Water Tank, 6gal. Water Heater & Fresh Water Pump, 6ft. Base Cabinet

Extra Hand Wash Sink

13,500 BTU Roof-Mount Air Conditioner with Heat Strip

NSF Approved 6 Ft. Stainless Steel Commercial Exhaust Hood,
w/ Lights wall or box switch, and 6'x4' Brush Stainless Steel Fire wall,
Complete Package Installed.

NSF Approved Stainless Steel 24' Flat top Grill

NSF Approved Stainless Steel 4-Burner Stove w/ Oven

(2) NSF Approved Stainless Steel 40lb. Deep Fryer

NSF Approved Upright Residential Style Refrigerator / Freezer Combination 16 cu. Ft. unit


We have pre-owned mobile kitchens for Weddings, Festivals, Fairs, Family Reunions, Fundraisers, Church Gatherings, School Functions, Private Parties, Corporate Functions, Camping, or just about any outdoor event you can think of! 



Q: What Does Your Rentals Come With? 

A: Most of our Rentals include: 30, 50 or 80 amp power supply cable, cash register,35-40lb deep fryers, warmers, microwave, propane tanks, fluorescent lighting, 3 compartment stainless steel sinks, hand wash sink, fresh & waste water storage, refrigerators, freezers, hot water heater, garbage receptacle, 1-2 serving windows. 

Q: Can Your Units Be Approved By The Health Inspectors? 

A: All of our units meet the standards required by the health departments in most states. 
     3 compartment stainless steel sinks, hand wash sink, fresh water tank & waste water storage, refrigeration, freezer, and more. 

Q: Do You Also Carry Other Equipment In stock for us to Make More Money, or Better Enjoy Our Event?

A: Yes 

Q: What Do We Need To Have to Book or Rent Today? 

A: Rental Requirements: Rental Contract, Non-Refundable Damage/Cleaning Deposit equal to the amount of the rent, Copy of State or Federal ID, Credit Card, and Proof of   Residency. 

Q: How Much Does It Cost? 

A: Coverage Area Prices: Our rental prices are $225.00 per day with a 4 day minimum.

Q: Do You Have A Monthly Rate? 

A: Our Monthly Rental Rate is over 50% off of our daily rate (monthly rate $99 per day) 

Our monthly rental rates are reserved for corporation, non profitable organizations, High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Military and the like. Call today to see if you would qualify for our monthly rate. 

Q: Are Your Prices Competitive With Other Concession Rental Companies? Yes! 

A: Our prices are very competitive. Other concession rentals companies charge anywhere from 2500.00 to 4500.00 per day for the services and products we provide. Also, they are thousands of miles away. We are the southeast areas only concessionary rental company. We don't have the overhead of our competitors, so we only charge about 10% of what they charge and leave the rest in your pocket. We are within a 600 mile radius of most of our customers events. We get to know the needs our customers and meet them. 

Q: How Does It Work? 

Step one 

Calculate the total amount of days you will need the unit multiply that amount by the cost of the rental to get the cost of the rental. (note: we do not have any hidden charges) 
Example: If you know you will be ne
eding the unit for three days (4x225.00 = 1000.00) then the total cost of the rental itself will be 1000.00. If your event is for only one day the cost will be 1000.00 and we will not delivery our unit to an inactive location or event.

Step two 

Go to to figure out how far your event location will be away from our location (1097 Saxon Rd. Waynesboro, Ga. 30830) and multiply that mileage amount by 1.99 per mile delivery and 1.99 per mile picking up and this will give you our delivery charge. 

Example: If your event is 100
miles away from our location (1.99x200= 398.00) this amount will cover pick and delivery of the unit 

Q: Can We Pick Up and Deliver the Unit Ourselves? 

A: Unfortunately, at this time our insurance does not cover such activity. However, we are working on trying to get this add to our policy. In the mean time, we will have to deliver and pick up our units. We do not profit anything from this feature the cost you pay us for pick up and deliver covers our gas and a little for our time. Also, it saves you the time and money of having to do it yourself; essentially freeing up more time to focus on event preparation and clean up. 

Step three 

We require a refundable rental deposit that is equal to the amount of $500.00. 

Example: deposits are fully refundable providing the rental contract has not been
breached in anyway. 

Ok, I am Ok With This and I am Ready to Make Money. What Do I
need to do today to Ensure I Have a Concessionary Unit for My Event? 

Call Us! 706-554-6100 or 904-697-0507
after speaking with you regarding your event we will email you a contract to read, print, fill out, sign and fax back to us. Also, we will send you a pay pal link to pay your deposit. Only your deposit needs to be paid immediately to ensure you have a unit for your event. Note: Talking with us and letting us know your intentions does not secure one of our units for your event. Your deposit must be paid. 

How Does the Unit I am Interested in Renting Look On The inside and Outside? 

There are a couple of ways to find this out. You can request that we email pictures to you. Or, here at Custom Food Trailer Rentals and our doors are always open. We operate seven days a week 12-14 hours a day. You can come on down and look at the units we have in stock for rent at anytime. You are always welcome! 

If I have Equipment of My Own That I would Like to Use inside of My Rental i
s It Ok? 
In Most Cases, Yes! 

The best means of contacting us is by phone. (706) 554-6100 or (904)
697-0507asks for Andy. 

Concession Trailers are Great for: 

Sporting Events 
Wedding Receptions 
Graduation Parties 
Church or Company Picnics 
Emergency Situations 
Remodeling and more! 

Concession Trailers for specials events! We can deliver it wherever you need it. ((Columbia, SC, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, SC, Augusta, GA Savannah, GA, Atlanta, GA the Metro Area and all points in between)) Also, call today to find out our North East and South Florida rates. We may also be available for some parts of West Coast Florida. We rent by the day, week or month for any event. Call (706) 554-6100 or (904) 697-0507 

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