This page is desinged to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions.
1. Food Trailers dot biz Health Code Guarantee

In response to questions or concerns regarding Custom Food Trailers dot Com guarantee that our trailer build-outs, repairs, parts and service meet all health and safety requirements within the US and Canada, the following is provided.

A finished Custom Food Trailers dot Com trailer is the result of a joint effort between Custom Food Trailers dot Com and other trailer manufacturers. All health and safety issues mandated by the local and state (or provincial) authorities are considered in the manufacture of these units. United States Department of Transportation and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) provisions are adhered to. Our promise to the customer is that equipment provided and installed by Custom Food Trailers dot Com will stand up to and pass inspection by interested authorities.  This includes health and electrical (hydro) issues.

Custom Food Trailers dot Com will provide documents necessary for shipment of the trailer across the d U.S./Canadian border. This includes a certificate of compliance (NAFTA), certificate of origin (which becomes the title document when registered) and your “paid” invoice.

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