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8.5X16 Concession Trailer Priced at 11,528

Features Included:
8ft Width x 16ft Length Enclosed Trailer

102' Wide Body Design

0.030 Schneider Orange Aluminum Exterior PLF

Additional Height 12'/Lin Ft.

Additional Roof Bows (16' O/C) / Lin Ft

Side Door Flushlock Handle in addition to Cambar

6' Concession Door with Latches, Gas Shocks, and Safety Supports

110-Volt Package with 50-Amp Breaker Panel (2) 4FT. Fluorescent Lights w/
(1) Wall Switch, (2) Interior Wall
Recepts, (1) Exterior Wall Recept with GFI

4 Additional 110-Volt Interior Wall Recept (2 Gang)

3/16' White Vinyl Ceiling Liner / Lin Ft

3/16' White Vinyl Wall Liner / Lin Ft

Aluminum Tread Plate Liner (ATP) / Lin Ft
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